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High Time to Weaken Gazprom's Grip on EU

If the European Union needed a new warning of Russia's efforts to strengthen its grip on the continent's gas supplies, it has come in the shape of President Vladimir Putin's trip to Libya.

Unity Needed in the Kosovo Talks

Eight years ago, the West went to war over the fate of Kosovo, the impoverished scrap of land that is chiefly populated by ethnic Albanians but still formally part of Serbia.

To Be Taken Seriously, Wolfowitz Has to Go

Should Paul Wolfowitz leave the World Bank? The answer to that question is yes. Will Wolfowitz leave? The answer to that question is murkier.

Putin Should Heed the Gusinsky Verdict

A rebuke from the European Court of Human Rights will hardly have President Vladimir Putin quaking in his boots.

Blair Should Heed Experts' Sharp Rebuke

In possibly the most stinging rebuke ever to a British government by its foreign policy establishment, 52 former ambassadors and international officials have written to Prime Minister Tony Blair telling him he is damaging British (and Western) interests by backing President George W. Bush's misguided policies in the Middle East. It would be comforting to imagine that their comments will be heeded.

Poland's Is in a Pickle on Eve of Accession

Poland, the largest of the countries joining the European Union on Saturday, joins the club in considerable disarray. Leszek Miller, the prime minister, leaves office on Sunday, handing power to Marek Belka, a technocrat with precious little political support.

EU's Tough Talk on Russia Is Good News

President Vladimir Putin may long have wanted to get rid of his prime minister, Mikhail Kasyanov, as a hangover from the Yeltsin era.

Two Big Winners Come Out of Iowa Caucuses

Not for the first time, the voters of Iowa have overturned conventional wisdom, the expectations of candidates and pundits, and an entire presidential election campaign.

External Powers Must Aid Stability in Georgia

The overthrow of Eduard Shevardnadze brings a dramatic political career to a sorry end. The former Soviet foreign minister, who played a big role in ending the Cold War, has been ignominiously driven out of office by his own people.