Articles by Jack Kim

N. Korea to Suspend Its Disarmament Deal

  • 27 August 08
  • Reuters
North Korea said Tuesday that it would stop disabling its nuclear facilities and consider restoring the Yongbyon reactor that can make material for atomic bombs, accusing the United States of violating a disarmament deal.

Ex-Hostages Get a Mixed Welcome

  • 03 September 07
  • Reuters
Nineteen South Korean Christian volunteers held hostage by the Taliban in Afghanistan for six weeks returned home to an uncomfortable welcome Sunday, thanking their government for saving them from death.

Peace Is Dearer to S. Korea Than Stepped-Up Sanctions

  • 14 November 06
  • Reuters
South Korea will not join a U.S. plan to intercept North Korean ships suspected of carrying arms cargo out of fear of raising tensions with its neighbor, officials said Monday.

S. Korea Moves to Enforce Sanctions

  • 27 October 06
  • Reuters
South Korea announced Thursday it would ban the entry of North Koreans who are part of Pyongyang's nuclear weapons program, the first step taken by Seoul to adhere to United Nations sanctions.

N. Korea Rejects UN Resolution

  • 17 July 06
  • Reuters
North Korea said Sunday that it was not bound by a UN Security Council resolution imposing weapons-related sanctions on it and insisted that the country would ""bolster its war deterrent in every way.""

N. Korea Demands Civilian Reactors

  • 21 September 05
  • Reuters
Twenty-four hours after reaching an agreement on disarmament, the country issues an ultimatum.

Hopes on China to Bring Pyongyang to the Table

  • 14 February 05
  • Reuters
South Korea and the United States are hoping China can bring unruly ally North Korea back to stalled talks on dismantling its nuclear weapons programs, Seoul's foreign minister said.

N. Koreans Fleeing Through Russia

  • 17 November 04
  • Reuters
North Korean refugees may be trying out Russia as an escape route now that China is taking a harder line against them, a Seoul official said Tuesday after a second asylum seeker entered a consulate in Vladivostok.

Pyongyang Says Blast for Dam Project

  • 14 September 04
  • Reuters
A huge explosion in North Korea last week was a deliberate blast to pave the way for a hydroelectric dam, Pyongyang said Monday.

Sides Stake Positions as Korea Talks Begin

  • 26 February 04
  • Reuters
U.S. and North Korean envoys staked out widely divergent positions at the start of six-party talks on the crisis over the North's nuclear arms programs Wednesday, underscoring the difficulty of a breakthrough.