Articles by Daniel Treisman

Why the Kremlin Hates Levada Center

Even if Levada were to register as a "foreign agent," this wouldn't save it. The Kremlin's goal is to eradicate the top independent polling agency.

Opposition Needs to Appeal to the 'Real Russia'

The real conundrum for liberal opponents of President Vladimir Putin is not so much how to revive and prolong the now faltering wave of urban protests that broke out this winter. The demonstrations have made their point.

A Runoff in March Could Help Legitimize Putin

Since Sept. 24, when Prime Minister Vladimir Putin revealed his plan to return to the Kremlin, it has been an article of faith that he intends to win this year's presidential election in the first round.

What Keeps the Kremlin Up All Night

To observers of Russia's election campaign, one thing is clear: The Kremlin's political operatives do not want to leave anything to chance.

Russia: A Normal Country

As Russians prepare to vote in their fourth presidential election since 1991, their country remains an enigma to many Western observers.