Articles by Halia Pavliva

Gazprom Deputy Head Says Gas Undervalued

  • 16 February 09
  • Bloomberg
Gas is undervalued and its price is less susceptible to producer influence than oil because long-term contracts dominate the industry, said Alexander Medvedev, a deputy chief executive at Gazprom.

Kudrin Boasts of Growth on IMF Visit

  • 14 April 08
  • Bloomberg
Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin said Friday that the economy would expand faster than initially forecast this year, even as growth in the U.S. slows in the next two quarters.

Finance Ministry Warns Against Cutting VAT

  • 22 March 06
  • Bloomberg
The Finance Ministry said a proposed cut in the value-added tax next year would quicken inflation and destabilize the budget by making the country more dependent on revenue from oil, its major export commodity.

U.S. Vote Opens Door to Kiev Joining WTO

  • 10 March 06
  • Bloomberg
The U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday night approved a measure to give Ukraine permanent normal trade relations, a prerequisite for the country to join the World Trade Organization.

CB Forecasts Banking IPOs in 2006

  • 06 March 06
  • Bloomberg
As many as three or four banks may sell shares to the public for the first time this year as economic growth boosts demand for consumer and business services, a top central banker said Friday.

MTS Cuts Jobs as Growth Slows

  • 02 March 06
  • Bloomberg
Mobile TeleSystems, Eastern Europe's largest mobile phone company, reiterated plans to cut jobs this year for the first time in its history, as subscriber growth is expected to slow.

Kiev to Revisit Dubious Deals

  • 07 October 05
  • Bloomberg
Ukrainian Prime Minister Yuriy Yekhanurov, who was approved by parliament last month, said the government wants to recoup the full price for any state assets sold at a discount by previous administrations.

Gref: State to Stimulate Oil Sector

  • 29 September 05
  • Bloomberg
The government will propose tax law changes for 2007 and a restructuring of customs fees to encourage development of new oil fields and exports of oil-based fuels, Economic Development and Trade Minister German Gref said Tuesday.

Gref Sees Inflation at Up to 11%

  • 28 September 05
  • Bloomberg
Despite a slowdown in food costs and a freeze on gasoline prices, the inflation target looks set to be breached again.

Kudrin Lifts Forecast for Economy, Prices

  • 25 July 05
  • Bloomberg
The Finance Ministry has revised up its forecasts for economic growth and inflation this year amid the high price of oil, the country's major export commodity.

Retail Sales Up 12.5% in June

  • 22 July 05
  • Bloomberg
Retail sales rose an annual 12.5 percent in June as economic growth pushed up wages, the State Statistics Service said Thursday in a statement.

Russia Prepares Eurobond Issue

  • 11 July 05
  • Bloomberg
Russia may set a deadline for exchanging as much as $2.5 billion of overdue Soviet debt for new eurobonds at a discount, as the country seeks to cut interest payments and lower debts to keep the economy growing.

Inflation Forecast Revised

  • 23 June 05
  • Bloomberg
The inflation rate may exceed 11.5 percent this year, more than the government's 10 percent target, because food prices are rising faster than planned, Andrei Klepach, director of economic forecasting at the Economic Development and Trade Ministry, said in an interview with Interfax.

Kiev to List Shady Deals 'in Days'

  • 24 May 05
  • Bloomberg
The Ukrainian government will ask owners of companies that were determined to have been sold at a discount during former President Leonid Kuchma's rule to pay the full price or face cancellation of the sales, Deputy Premier Oleh Rybachuk said.

Russia Strikes Historic Debt Deal

  • 14 May 05
  • Bloomberg
Russia agreed Friday to repay early 38 percent of its $40 billion debt to the Paris Club of creditor nations in the biggest such prepayment, seeking to cut interest costs as economic growth slows.

Gas Pipelines Need Investors: Sharonov

  • 06 May 05
  • Bloomberg
Russia should end Gazprom's monopoly on natural gas shipments and allow private investors to help finance new pipelines, which would increase supplies and lower prices, Deputy Economic Development and Trade Minister Andrei Sharonov said in an interview published Thursday.

Gref Hangs On to Growth Target

  • 28 April 05
  • Bloomberg
Economic Development and Trade Minister German Gref on Wednesday said the country may be able to meet its 6.5 percent economic growth target even after gross domestic product expanded 4.9 percent in the first quarter, slower than the previous quarter.

Nazarov: Asset Sales Stalled by Infighting

  • 25 April 05
  • Bloomberg
The government has postponed 90 percent of the asset sales it scheduled for the first quarter and may do the same for the whole year because of disagreements between competing property agencies.

Tatneft Tipped in Slovak Deal

  • 28 February 05
  • Bloomberg
President Vladimir Putin said he wanted closer economic economic ties with Slovakia, which is seeking to boost oil supplies and buy back a stake in its pipeline from Yukos.

Industrial Output Falls 1.5%

  • 20 December 04
  • Bloomberg
Industrial production fell 1.4 percent in November from the previous month, led by declining output of oil, nonferrous metals and construction materials, when adjusted for working days. It was the largest monthly decline since April.

Reserves Hit Record $100.1Bln

  • 22 October 04
  • Bloomberg
Foreign currency and gold reserves rose to a record $100.1 billion, meeting the Central Bank's year-end target, as exporters' revenue rose with oil prices, the country's major export commodity.

$18Bln Surplus Stirs Debate on Spending

  • 13 October 04
  • Bloomberg
Russia, which overtook Saudi Arabia as the world's biggest oil producer this year, said Tuesday that budget revenue in 2004 will be one-fifth higher than planned because of rising oil prices.

Stabilization Fund Soars 16% to $9Bln

  • 01 September 04
  • Bloomberg
The country's stabilization fund, which contains windfall revenue from oil sales, rose 16 percent to 267.6 billion rubles ($9.1 billion) in July, giving the government more cash to pay off its debts.

Falling Price of Oil Factor in '05 Budget

  • 23 August 04
  • Bloomberg
Russia will have a smaller budget surplus in 2005 as oil prices are expected to decline and crimp revenue, said Boris Gusev, the head of the Finance Ministry's press office.

Ukraine Market Best in Europe

  • 06 July 04
  • Bloomberg
Ukraine's stock market is Europe's best performer this year, buoyed by exports to neighboring Russia and the European Union.