Articles by Peter Leonard

Kazakhstan Draws Near to Dream of Hosting Nuclear Fuel Bank

  • 31 August 15
  • EurasiaNet
Kazakhstan's long-standing opposition to the proliferation of nuclear weapons is culminating with the signing of an agreement to build a nuclear fuel bank in the northern city of Oskemen.

Kazakhstan: Row at President's University Dents Claim to Academic Independence

  • 25 August 15
  • EurasiaNet
When Kazakhstan opened the doors of the Nazarbayev University in 2010, the institution was hailed as a fledgling bastion of academic excellence and freedom in an educational system still hobbled by Soviet standards.

Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan: Interethnic Clash Shines Light on Fraying Social Fabric

Interethnic rioting in early August along the border of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan started over a narrow, uneven lane about a couple hundred feet long.

Kyrgyzstan Joins Eurasian Union, Takes Leap Into the Dark

  • 09 August 15
  • EurasiaNet
After months of stops and starts, Kyrgyzstan is finally becoming a full-fledged member of the Russian-led Eurasian Economic Union.

Soyuz Crew Blasts Off for Space Station

  • 16 December 10
  • The Associated Press
Three astronauts on a Russian spaceship blasted off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on a trip to the international space station.

Soyuz Workhorse Soon to Be Only Lifeline to Space

  • 14 December 10
  • The Associated Press
As a Soyuz spacecraft slowly rolls to its launch pad on the icy cold steppes of Kazakhstan, even the most seasoned space fan cannot help but be spellbound by the sight.

Tajikistan Hunts for Elusive Islamist Militant

  • 20 October 10
  • The Associated Press
They call him Tajikistan's Osama bin Laden. In the wild mountains east of the capital, Dushanbe, thousands of soldiers are on the hunt for a man authorities say is masterminding a plot to turn this country into a haven for Islamist terrorists.

Former Ethiopian Cadets Stranded in Kyrgyzstan

  • 23 September 10
  • The Associated Press
Softly singing along to the wistful strains of Ethiopian music, Haymanot Tesgaye and his friends are transported back to their homeland in Africa, far from this Central Asian nation where they have been stranded for two decades.

Kyrgyzstan's Army Tied to Mob Violence

  • 17 August 10
  • The Associated Press
A prominent human rights group said Monday that Kyrgyzstan's armed forces abetted and may even have actively taken part in violence by ethnic Kyrgyz mobs against the minority Uzbek community that left at least 370 people dead in June.

Violence, Confusion Continue In Bishkek

  • 09 April 10
  • The Associated Press
he president of Kyrgyzstan declared from hiding Thursday that he would not surrender to a violent uprising that put the opposition in control of much of the country, home to a U.S. air base key to the war in nearby Afghanistan.

Tajiks Sink Savings Into Soviet-Style Dam

  • 31 March 10
  • The Associated Press
Low-ranking state workers have had portions of their salaries withheld to buy shares in a grandiose dam project, and there have been media reports of some villagers being forced to sell cattle to raise money.

First СSpace ClownТ Blasts Off

  • 01 October 09
  • The Associated Press
Guy Laliberte Ч who rose from being a street performer to founding the circus arts and theater company Cirque Du Soleil 25 years ago Ч is to return to Earth after 12 days.

Laliberte Buoyant Ahead of Liftoff

  • 29 September 09
  • The Associated Press
The Cirque du Soleil founder, who is paying some $35 million for the trip to the Soyuz, is likely to be the last paying private traveler to the station for the next few years, because the United States is soon to scuttle its space shuttle program.

Medvedev Pushes Energy and Transport

  • 31 July 09
  • The Associated Press
In Dushanbe, he says infrastructure projects are the best way for Afghanistan and its neighbors to develop.

C. Asian Uighurs Fear Violence

  • 16 July 09
  • The Associated Press
Anguished by ethnic violence in China but fearful that crackdowns on their minority group could spread, Uighur activists across Central Asia said they have urged local communities to avoid large public protests.

Inspectors Rehearse Test Ban Treaty

  • 21 October 08
  • The Associated Press
Arcania does not exist on any map, but nuclear inspectors believe that it could help save the world from catastrophe.

China Faces Boost From Georgia War

  • 01 September 08
  • The Associated Press
President Dmitry Medvedev has cast vague Central Asian support for Russia's actions in South Ossetia as a diplomatic victory. But a summit in the region held signs that China, already a powerful regional player, will benefit from concerns about an aggressive Russia.

Mine Collapse Traps 5 In Central Kazakhstan

  • 03 June 08
  • The Associated Press
A discharge of methane gas sent hundreds of tons of coal collapsing at a mine in Kazakhstan on Monday, trapping five workers, authorities said.

Fraud Victims Protest Against City's Inaction

Hundreds of defrauded apartment investors in the Moscow region town of Odintsovo demanded action from local authorities at a rowdy public meeting Friday.

The Uzbek Lament

With the first trials resulting from last May's large-scale violence in Andijan now concluded, Uzbekistan's authoritarian regime has officially given its verdict on the events.

The Democracy Pipeline Extends to Azerbaijan

As if there were not already enough public spaces named after the late president of Azerbaijan, Heidar Aliyev, the park opposite the presidential palace in central Baku was renamed in his honor. The highlight of the event was the presentation of a statue, reputedly made in France, of the man himself.

George's Georgia Trip: Just a One-Night Stand?

As one of Georgia's countless and uncounted unemployed young men said of Bush's visit, ""He'll come, he'll have a look round, and he'll leave. But we'll still be stuck here.""

Moscow Expats Pitch Cricket in a Cold Climate

If you want a game of cricket but you don't have the proper equipment, all you need to do is wrap a tennis ball in electrical tape, and get hold of a chair for wickets and something that passes for a bat.