Articles by Alexei Sitnikov

Chaos on Demand

While President Vladimir Putin steadily builds his vertical of power, his constituents seem to be experiencing a major shift in attitude away from a sense of stability and order toward feelings of anarchy and turmoil.

Giving Voters More Than Meetings

The liberals in Russia are confused. Their chances to create a new democratic party are dissipating, as the major political players are moving rapidly away from one another.

A Captive Chamber for a Captive Nation

President Vladimir Putin recently gave a touching rationale for the new Public Chamber, stating, ""People have the right to make sure their voice is heard.""

A Brief History of Russian Federalism

When I think of federalism, I recall the Federalist Papers and picture the political campaign waged by the authors of the U.S. Constitution. Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay argued that within the union, states could each benefit from a synergy unattainable by means of individual effort. Then I look at modern Russia, which is drifting away from its federal political structure toward a de facto unitary state. President Vladimir Putin is making every effort to convince the political elite and ordinary Russians that federalism in its current state is ill-formed, ineffective and counterproductive.