Articles by Amy Teibel

Ancient Escape Tunnel Found in Israel

  • 11 September 07
  • The Associated Press
Israeli archaeologists say they've stumbled upon the site of one of the great dramatic scenes of the sacking of Jerusalem 2,000 years ago: the subterranean drainage channel Jews used to escape from the city's Roman conquerors.

Israel Says It Busted Neo-Nazi Group

  • 10 September 07
  • The Associated Press
In a case that would seem unthinkable in the Jewish state, police Sunday said they had cracked a cell of young Israeli neo-Nazis accused in a string of attacks on foreign workers, religious Jews, drug addicts and gays.

Israel Masses Troops for 'Ongoing' Operation

  • 27 June 06
  • The Associated Press
Israeli soldiers are sent to the Gaza border after the abduction of a corporal.

Israel Sets Deadline for Peace Negotiation

  • 11 May 06
  • The Associated Press
Israel will give the Palestinians until the end of the year to prove they are willing to negotiate a final peace deal, and will unilaterally set final borders with them by 2008 if they do not, a close associate of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's said Tuesday.

Hamas Blasts U.S. for Reported Ouster Plans

  • 15 February 06
  • The Associated Press
Israel denies the existence of a plan to remove Hamas from power by forcing regime change.

Gaidamak Says He'll Run in Israeli Election

  • 29 November 05
  • The Associated Press
Russian-Israeli billionaire Arkady Gaidamak, who was questioned Monday in a money-laundering scandal, is the latest contender for Israel's sizable Russian vote in upcoming parliamentary elections.

Israel Begins Final Stage of Gaza Pullout

  • 25 August 05
  • The Associated Press
The removal of Gaza and West Bank settlers is ahead of schedule, but Sharon's plan for a separation barrier sparks controversy.

14,000 Troops Evict Settlers in Gaza

  • 18 August 05
  • The Associated Press
Settlers resist as soldiers flood the area, though by evening all but one of the six Gaza settlements are evacuated.

Arrests Cloud Middle Eastern Summit

  • 22 June 05
  • The Associated Press
Israel arrests 52 members of Islamic Jihad on the eve of Ariel Sharon's meeting with Mahmoud Abbas.

Israeli Demonstrators Stream Into Gaza Strip

  • 28 April 05
  • The Associated Press
Authorities expect as many as 100,000 to protest the Gaza pullout plan initiated by Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

Israel Cautious But Handover Goes On

  • 24 March 05
  • The Associated Press
Israel's defense minister warned Wednesday that the handover of additional West Bank towns to Palestinian control would require greater effort by Palestinian police to disarm militants, but stopped short of halting the process.