Articles by Antonio Castaneda

Marine Sniper Metes Out Death

  • 01 August 06
  • The Associated Press
He was 5 when he first fired an M-16, his father holding him to brace against the recoil. At 17, in 2002, he enlisted in the Marine Corps, spurred by the memory of the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

U.S. Forces Comb Iraq for Foreign Terrorists

  • 26 May 05
  • The Associated Press
One thousand U.S. Marines conducted raids on Wednesday in western Iraq to stem the tide of foreign militants entering via Syria.

Kurd Leader Named Iraqi President

  • 07 April 05
  • The Associated Press
Saddam Hussein watches a television broadcast of the announcement in prison.

Iraq Picks Parliament Speaker

  • 04 April 05
  • The Associated Press
Iraqi lawmakers elected Industry Minister Hajim al-Hassani, a Sunni Arab, as parliament speaker Sunday, ending days of deadlock and moving forward on forming a new government two months after the country's historic Jan. 30 elections.