Articles by Mathew Carr

Kyoto Carbon Emission Credits Not For Sale

  • 04 December 08
  • Bloomberg
The country will refuse to sell carbon-emissions credits to other nations, removing from the market the biggest single pool of licenses to release greenhouse gases under the Kyoto global-warming treaty, a government official said.

Europe Fails Kyoto Pollution Standards

  • 18 July 06
  • Bloomberg
When European Union officials created a market for trading pollution credits, they boasted it was a cost-conscious way to save the planet from global warming.

Gulf Storms Put 15% Dent in BP Profit

  • 26 April 06
  • Bloomberg
BP, Europe's biggest oil company, said first-quarter profit dropped 15 percent because of higher taxes and declining production caused by the Gulf of Mexico hurricanes.

BP Reports Slowest Growth in Last 6 Quarters

  • 05 April 05
  • Bloomberg
BP reported the smallest growth in oil and gas production in six quarters as Russian output slows and fields mature in the United States and Europe.