Articles by Janusz Bugajski

OSCE Balancing Act

Just as Kazakhstan is engaged in a geostrategic balancing act between Russian and Western influences, it is now also responsible for pursuing parity between Russian and Western goals at the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe summit in Astana in December.

Influence Far Abroad

Recent developments revolving around energy supplies and the future of Kosovo demonstrate how an emboldened Russia is intent on dominating the European agenda.

Not a Europe in Retreat

The perception of the EU newcomers as wayward radicals will help the Kremlin's cause.

Solidarity's Echo in the CIS

Twenty-five years ago, a political earthquake in Poland cracked the communist edifice in Eastern Europe. The birth of Solidarity, the free trade union, culminated in the emergence of a wider democratic Europe.

Combating Great Russia Syndrome

America's election campaign, dominated by foreign policy issues, has barely touched on the dangers presented by President Vladimir Putin's Russia. Although Washington has acknowledged Russia's slide toward authoritarianism and Brussels has criticized Moscow's policies in Chechnya, neither the United States nor the EU have recognized that Moscow poses a long-term threat to both American and European interests.