Articles by Pyotr Zhuravlyov

Zhirinovsky Comments Spark Reformist Walkout

Court Denounces Bid to Exclude 2 Opposition Parties

As Vote Deadline Elapses, 21 Groups Register

Proposal Would Cut Term of Parliament

Riot Police, Protestors Clash More Violently

Yeltsin Sends Troops to Parliament

Fedotov Quits Post, Fuels Press Law Fire

President Bolsters Troops in Tajikistan

Parliament Puts Limits On Foreign Churches

Khasbulatov Accused of Despotism

Shumeiko Sues Rutskoi Over Corruption Allegations

Navy in Poor State, Vice President Says

For Legislators, Jobs Are Now a Key Issue

Speaker Under Fire From Former Allies

Parliament Tells Cabinet To Cancel Firm's Debts

Speaker Calls for Hard Currency Ban

Legislators Widen Rift With Speaker

President Sets Date For Special Assembly

Yeltsin Attends Funeral on Eve of Victory Day Legislators Maneuver On Charter

Yeltsin Presents New Draft Constitution

Guards in Dispute

Parliament Rejects Privatization Plan

START II Treaty Talks Launched

Hardline Legislators Address Power Sharing

President's Foes Can Recall Congress

Minister Blames Kiev For Failed Debt Talks

Diplomat Says Bosnia Not Legislature's Affair

Bill Outlines Arms Civilians May Use

Khasbulatov: Empower Yeltsin

Russia Wants Tatars in Fold