Articles by Anya Chernyakhovskaya

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An Ageless Wolf and Hare Turn 25

The Wolf and the Hare, the heroes of the hugely popular cartoon ""Nu, Pogody! "" have not aged visibly in the years since they first enchanted millions of Russians. But whether or not they show it, the characters are celebrating their 25th anniversary this year. and to mark the event, the cartoon's creators are making a new episode for the first time in five years. ""Nu, Pogody! "" which can be roughly translated as ""Just You Wait! "" was a phenomenon in the history of Russian animation. Created in 1968, the cartoon series quickly became a favorite of people of all ages. In millions of families, when a parent shook a finger at a child and said, ""Nu, Pogody! "" it was not a promise of punishment, but a gentle threat meant to evoke a smile. ""Nu, Pogody! "" was created by four motivated young engineers who came together to write sketches and humorous stories.

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