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Still Wanted: Blueprint for 'Superparty'

Creating a ""presidential party"" has been the talk in Moscow's corridors of power lately, but according to officials contacted Monday there are as many ideas about what the new superparty should be as there are advisers whispering in President Boris Yeltsin's ear. It should be ""a wide united process, a movement aimed at supporting Yeltsin for the presidency in 1996,"" said Lev Ponomaryov, a veteran reformist from the Democratic Russia movement. ""At the beginning our party ought to be small, but with strong and tough discipline,"" said Vyacheslav Kostikov, Yeltsin's press secretary, according to Nezavisimaya Gazeta's Saturday edition. The party ""ought not to be directly linked to the president,"" Mikhail Mityukov, a former Kremlin aide now in the Duma, said Monday. Yeltsin said last Dec. 22 that he was considering forming a new party, in the wake of election results 10 days before.

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