Articles by Ross Colvin

Biden to Reassure Allies In Ukraine and Georgia

  • 20 July 09
  • Reuters
Vice President Joe Biden travels to Georgia and Ukraine starting Monday to reassure the two U.S. allies that President Barack Obama’s administration has not abandoned them in its efforts to “reset” ties with Russia.

U.S. Will Slow Shield Plan for Help on Iran

  • 16 February 09
  • Reuters
The United States indicated a willingness on Friday to slow plans for a missile defense shield in Central Europe if Russia agreed to help stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

Iraq Bombing Pushes U.S. Deaths to 4,000

  • 25 March 08
  • Reuters
The death toll of U.S. soldiers in Iraq reached 4,000 on Monday, days after the fifth anniversary of a war that President George W. Bush says the United States is on track to win.

Blair Tells Iraqis Troops Won't Go

  • 18 December 06
  • Reuters
Gunmen carry out mass kidnapping hours before the British prime minister lands.

133 Killed in Baghdad Car Bombings

  • 24 November 06
  • Reuters
Militants launch a daylight assault on the Health Ministry and authorities impose an indefinite curfew on Baghdad.

Iraq, Syria Restore Relations

  • 22 November 06
  • Reuters
Iraq and neighboring Syria agreed to restore full diplomatic relations Tuesday in an accord in which Syria accepted that U.S. troops should stay as long as the Iraqi government needs them.

U.S. Forces Change Tack in Battle for Baghdad

  • 15 August 06
  • Reuters
""Tell Lieutenant Jacobson to meet us there with a bag of money,"" Lieutenant Colonel Joe Gandara shouted into his headset as his Humvee rumbled down the highway into Dora, a Baghdad district synonymous with violence.

Rampant Corruption Threatens Iraq

  • 10 July 06
  • Reuters
Corruption is rampant at ""every level"" of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's government, with Iraqi graft inspectors calculating that at least $4 billion has been pilfered from state coffers, a top U.S. official said.

Talabani Presses For Coalition

  • 14 March 06
  • Reuters
Iraq's president pressed political parties on Monday to accelerate efforts to form a broad government to arrest a slide into civil war after bomb blasts in a Baghdad Shiite slum killed 52 people.

Insurgent Blasts Kill Dozens in Iraq

  • 20 January 06
  • Reuters
Iraqi insurgents killed at least 22 people in two simultaneous bomb blasts in central Baghdad on Thursday, challenging a security clampdown on the capital ahead of the release of the results of last month's elections.