Articles by Ellen Nakashima

Data Theft Grows to Biggest Ever

  • 02 April 07
  • The Washington Post
At least 45.7 million credit and debit card numbers from customers in the United States, Britain and Canada were stolen over a period of several years from the computers of TJX, the discount retail giant disclosed in a regulatory filing last week.

Hacking, Pumping and Dumping

  • 29 January 07
  • The Washington Post
Alexei Kamardin reaped $13,158 in just 104 minutes buying and selling penny stocks.

Giant Flora and New Kangaroos

  • 09 February 06
  • The Washington Post
A team of scientists has discovered a lost world of rare plants, giant flowers and bizarre animals -- including a new species of honeyeater bird, a tree kangaroo and an egg-laying mammal -- on a mist-shrouded mountaintop in a remote province of Indonesia on New Guinea island.