Articles by Robin Paxton

Kazakh Mining Giants Seek to Placate Labor Dissent

  • 26 June 12
  • Reuters
At 65, Pavel Shumkin says he has lived a decade longer than the average coal miner in Kazakhstan. He recalls a time when he drank beer with his bosses after ascending, face blackened, from the coal face.

Graft and Unrest Put Kyrgyz Gold Rush on Ice

  • 29 June 11
  • Reuters
The bus loaded with supporters of a planned $100 million mine had just left its remote Kyrgyz village when a mob on horseback blocked the road.

Riches, Fear Ensure Central Asia Stability

  • 09 February 11
  • Reuters
Central Asias authoritarian leaders, having crushed dissent during decades in power, are likely to use a mixture of oil and gas revenues, repression and cosmetic reforms to meet any threat of Egyptian-style protests.

Kyrgyz Vote Called Start of New Battle

  • 13 October 10
  • Reuters
While Sunday's peaceful elections in Kyrgyzstan bode well for attempts to build Central Asia's first parliamentary democracy, the struggle for influence in a highly fragmented legislature is only just beginning.

A Canadian Harvests Kazakhstan's Uranium

  • 09 June 10
  • Reuters
Cameco Corp. plans to double capacity at its Inkai uranium mine in Kazakhstan, a nation with more than 15 percent of global reserves. Cameco also wants to double uranium production to meet growing demand.

Russia Aims to Supply Nuclear Fuel to World

  • 11 December 09
  • Reuters
Decommissioned Russian warheads are a key source of fuel in the global uranium market, accounting for 13 percent of world supply and helping to fill a gap from mined output.

Monthly Oil Output Exceeds 10 Million BPD

  • 05 October 09
  • Reuters
Russia has emerged as the undisputed leader in world oil production this year after OPEC agreed to cut supply by 4.2 million bpd from September 2008 in a bid to prop up falling oil prices.

Uralkali Will Increase Capacity 25% in 11

  • 24 September 09
  • Reuters
The potash miner also plans to construct a mine at the massive Ust-Yaivinsky deposit to help meet anticipated growth in world demand for the key fertilizer ingredient.

MMK Bests Competitors, Reports $59M Q2 Profit

  • 11 September 09
  • Reuters
Magnitogorsk, controlled by billionaire Viktor Rashnikov, squeezed a net profit of $59 million from a quarter that left red ink on the balance sheets of its peers in the world's fourth-largest steel-producing country.

Severstal Reports Q2 Net Loss of $290M

  • 08 September 09
  • Reuters
It was the third consecutive quarterly net loss for the country's largest steelmaker and the third steel major to finish the period in the red.

State Seeks Japanese Investment for Farms

  • 01 September 09
  • Reuters
Russia is aiming for a significant increase in grain exports to East Asia from the 2010-2011 marketing year.

Let Them Eat Cake at Gulag Citys Birthday Party

  • 17 August 09
  • Reuters
Yelena Zyuzka still doesnt understand why she was exiled to Magadan, but 62 years later she would happily share the enormous cake baked to celebrate the citys birthday.

Abramovichs Billions Gave Hope to Bleak Region

  • 14 August 09
  • Reuters
As the rest of the country grapples with recession, Chukotkas residents see higher wages and a rising birth rate.

Gulag Gold Mine Buoys Chukotka in Downturn

  • 13 August 09
  • Reuters
The Kupol mine is responsible for a resurgence in the countrys gold production over the last several years.

Chukotka Governor Has Big Shoes to Fill

  • 05 August 09
  • Reuters
Roman Kopin has a hard act to follow.

Silvinit Potash Contract Frightens Market

  • 13 July 09
  • Reuters
Belarussian Potash Company, a major supplier of the fertilizer to world markets, said Friday that it might revise its price offers after reports that Russian rival Silvinit agreed a deal with India at levels far below market expectations.

Mining Giant May Be Hard Sell In Recession

  • 25 February 09
  • Reuters
Russia's metals elite, with debts in the billions of dollars, will have trouble convincing the state to join them in forming a national mining champion when the government has to plug holes in a budget deficit.

China Offers $25Bln Oil Loan

  • 18 February 09
  • Reuters
China has agreed to lend Rosneft and Transneft $25 billion in return for supplies from huge new eastern Siberian oilfields that will power its economy for the next two decades.

Norilsk Shuts Down Its Australian Mines

  • 17 February 09
  • Reuters
Norilsk Nickel is suspending production at its last two active mines in Australia, the final victims of an economic crisis that has brought the Russian miner's entire Australian network to a halt.

Shors Singing Again in Siberia

  • 15 January 09
  • Reuters
When Olga Tannagasheva starts to sing, her gentle voice transforms into a bassy growl designed to invoke otherworldly spirits.

Layoffs, Pay Cuts Cast Shadow on Steel City

  • 24 December 08
  • Reuters
The working week, like the winter days in this Siberian city, has become shorter since the global financial crisis paralyzed its heavy industry. Paychecks have been cut by a third or more.

Highland Gold Suspends 2 Projects

  • 11 December 08
  • Reuters
Highland Gold Mining, part-owned by billionaire Roman Abramovich, is delaying two new projects as metal prices decline and the economic crisis makes financing harder to secure, sending shares down 18 percent.

Norilsk Buyback in Doubt Amid Freeze

  • 30 October 08
  • Reuters
Norilsk Nickel shareholders who signed up for a $1.8 billion share buyback will be able to sell only 7.2 percent of shares tendered, as the offer, which remains subject to a Siberian court case, was 14 times oversubscribed.

Deripaska's Miner Will Postpone IPO

  • 27 October 08
  • Reuters
The global financial crisis dealt Oleg Deripaska another blow Friday, when his mining company, Strikeforce Mining and Resources, postponed a Hong Kong share float because of the market downturn.

Falling Nickel Prices Slash Norilsk's Profit

  • 06 October 08
  • Reuters
Norilsk Nickel's net profit fell by one-third in the first half of the year as the world's largest nickel miner succumbed to rampant inflation in Russia and a 40 percent decline in the price of the metal.

Severstal Expands in U.S. in $1.3Bln Deal

  • 25 August 08
  • Reuters
Severstal will pay $1.3 billion to acquire North American coal miner PBS Coals in an all-cash deal giving it access to raw materials for its expanding network of U.S. steel mills.

Mechel Fined $32M, Ordered to Cut Price

  • 20 August 08
  • Reuters
Mechel, the miner savaged by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin last month, will escape with an enforced 15 percent reduction on coal prices for the steel sector from Sept. 1, less than had previously been feared.

Kamgold to Expand Production Sixfold

  • 31 July 08
  • Reuters
Kamchatka Gold, a miner controlled by billionaire Viktor Vekselberg, plans to invest $250 million to $270 million to increase output sixfold and is considering a share float next year, its chief executive said Wednesday.

Miners To Invest $5Bln in Far East

  • 02 July 08
  • Reuters
The founders of British-Russian miners Peter Hambro Mining and Aricom will invest about $5 billion over the next six years developing mining, banking and infrastructure assets in the Far East.

Metalloinvest's Bottomless Money Pit

  • 27 June 08
  • Reuters
Soviet geologists were looking for oil when they explored the Belgorod region, 500 kilometers south of Moscow. Instead, they unearthed Europe's largest iron belt.