Articles by Kevin Ryan

Turkish Shootdown Shows Importance of NATO-Russia Dialogue

Fighter aircraft from NATO member Turkey shot down a Russian Su-24 plane on Nov. 24, killing one of the pilots. There hasn't been a shooting death between the forces of Russia and members of NATO since 1985.

Future Is Bleak for U.S.-Russian Relationship

On June 5, U.S. Secretary of Defense Ash Carter met with U.S. diplomatic and military leaders in Stuttgart, Germany to review America's response to Russian aggression in Crimea and Ukraine.

Putin's Dilemma After Crimea

Russia is playing the role of the U.S. as it basked in the success of Afghanistan and contemplated the invasion of Iraq in December 2001.

Putin's Audacity Fueled By U.S. Military Decline

We can't know for sure what recommendations U.S. military chiefs are giving to Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and President Barack Obama about the situation in Ukraine, but it's not hard to guess.

Restoring the Spirit of the Elbe Meeting

On the eve of the NATO summit in Chicago on May 20-21, it seems that the rhetoric from both the United States and Russia has returned to a more combative past.

Lots of Bark but Little Bite

Since Vladimir Putin came to power and steadily increased the country's defense budget, there has been a lot of talk about Russia's resurgent military power and its threat to the United States and Europe.

What Is Bad for Russia Is Again Good for U.S.

During the turmoil after the Soviet collapse, a woman got through to Paul Harvey, a prominent U.S. radio show host, to say that she hoped the fighting in Georgia would not spill over into her home state of Florida.

Misconceptions About the SCO  

When Russia and China held their first joint air, ground, and sea exercises in 2005, many observers saw it as a thinly veiled attempt by China to threaten Taiwan and an even less subtle effort by Russia to curry favor and additional arms sales with China.

We Can't Stay MAD Forever

In case you missed it, the era of mutually assured destruction and nuclear parity has ended, at least according to a paper published by Professors Keir Lieber of Notre Dame and Daryl Press of the University of Pennsylvania in the March/April edition of Foreign Affairs.

Defense Minister's Call

On the day U.S. forces began the final assault on Baghdad, I received an early morning call on my cell phone. As U.S. defense attache in Moscow, I recognized the caller as Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov.