Articles by Erika Niedowski

Press Takes Bets on a May Wedding for Prokhorov

  • 12 March 07
  • The Baltimore Sun
Time is running out on the single -- and certainly the swinging -- days of the man known as Russia's most eligible bachelor.

Russians Discover the Beauty of Dental Hygiene

  • 05 March 07
  • The Baltimore Sun
Yekaterina Tkalenko brushes her teeth three or four times a day, especially after drinking enamel-insulting tea or coffee, has them professionally cleaned twice a year and carries floss as if it were as vital as an inhaler.

Pushing the Limits Of Nuclear Physics

  • 16 February 07
  • The Baltimore Sun
Scientists in the Moscow region city of Dubna are expanding our understanding of life's chemical building blocks.

Teaching the Fine Art of Manipulating Men

  • 07 February 07
  • The Baltimore Sun
Women pay to learn how to use their feminine wiles.

United Russia Goes Low-Cost

  • 26 September 06
  • The Baltimore Sun
Party-affiliated stores are offering steep discounts in a bid to appeal to the masses.

Deceased May Have No Place to Go

  • 29 August 06
  • The Baltimore Sun
Larisa Korzhneva can't stop thinking about death -- not her own, but everyone else's.

Harvesting Hemp for Drug-Free Jeans and Jackets

  • 23 August 06
  • The Baltimore Sun
Sergei Grigoryev seeks mass production of the cannabis plant, saying it will create jobs and breathe new life into the textile industry.

Baltimor Battles With Heinz in Ketchup War

  • 03 August 06
  • The Baltimore Sun
When most Russians think ketchup, they think of Baltimor. Not Baltimore the American city, but the maker of the condiment generously smothered here on foods that most Americans wouldn't care to use it on, including rice, bread and boiled meat dumplings.

Cold Comfort From Summer Showers

  • 28 July 06
  • The Baltimore Sun
Moscow is about two-thirds of the way through its hot water shut-off.

Russians Find New Dachas on Wheels

  • 11 May 06
  • The Baltimore Sun
A growing number of dealers are renting and selling campers in the hopes they will change how and where Russians vacation.