Articles by David Stringer

Prince Harry Hopes to Return to Combat

  • 04 March 08
  • The Associated Press
Prince Harry, home from his abandoned military mission to Afghanistan, says he hopes to return to combat zones as soon as possible.

Northern Rock Now Under State Ownership

  • 18 February 08
  • The Associated Press
Britain's finance minister, Alistair Darling, said Sunday that struggling bank Northern Rock would be nationalized after the government rejected two private takeover bids.

Blair Will Leave Office in June

  • 11 May 07
  • The Associated Press
Tony Blair said Thursday that he would step down as British prime minister on June 27, closing a decade of power in which he fostered peace in Northern Ireland, presided over an unprecedented period of prosperity and followed the United States to war in Iraq.

Detectives Question Berezovsky, Zakayev

  • 02 April 07
  • The Associated Press
Russian investigators have questioned businessman Boris Berezovsky and Chechen rebel envoy Akhmed Zakayev in London over the poisoning death of former intelligence agent Alexander Litvinenko, British law enforcement officials said Sunday.

Blair Hopes Talks Will Secure Sailors' Release

  • 28 March 07
  • The Associated Press
Britain hopes that diplomacy will win the release of 15 sailors and marines detained by Iran but is prepared to move to a ""different phase"" if negotiations fail, Prime Minister Tony Blair said Tuesday.

Blair Announces Iraq Troop Cut

  • 22 February 07
  • The Associated Press
Britain will withdraw around 1,600 troops from Iraq over the coming months and aims to cut its 7,100 troop levels to below 5,000 by late summer -- if local forces can secure the southern part of the country, Prime Minister Tony Blair said Wednesday.

Litvinenko Spoke of Recruiting Assassins

  • 27 November 06
  • The Associated Press
Former FSB officer Alexander Litvinenko gave a series of interviews before his death in which he described how he was ordered to recruit powerful businessmen for post-Communist Russia, hire assassins to neutralize their potential rivals and kill whistle-blowers who threatened the Kremlin, a newspaper report said.

Blair Will Fight 'As Long as It Takes'

  • 21 November 06
  • The Associated Press
The British prime minister says his country will remain for years in Afghanistan to prevent Taliban resurgence.

U.K. Police Request More Time

  • 24 August 06
  • The Associated Press
Detectives asked a British judge Wednesday for more time to question some of the 11 suspects being held over an alleged plot to blow up as many as 10 transatlantic airliners, an official said.

Goat Demoted After Queen's Parade

  • 27 June 06
  • The Associated Press
A British army regiment's ceremonial pet goat was demoted in disgrace after it marched out of line before a host of international dignitaries during a parade to mark Queen's Elizabeth II's birthday, a military spokesman said Saturday.

Bombers Were on U.K. Spies' Radar

  • 12 May 06
  • The Associated Press
But a lack of resources forced intelligence to track only ""known plans"" to attack Britain, says a report.