Articles by Vadim Nikitin

High Security, No Booze for City Day

City officials on Wednesday announced heightened security measures for the upcoming City Day celebration, including a ban on the sale and consumption of alcohol at all events.

1,000 Rally Around the Tricolor on Flag Day

About 1,000 liberal-minded activists marched with a giant Russian flag near the White House on Tuesday, some to express mixed views about the country's course, others to stump for former Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov as the next president.

Market Blast Kills 10 and Injures 55

A bomb exploded in Cherkizovsky market Monday morning, killing 10 people and injuring as many as 55 in what appeared to be the work of a criminal gang.

'91 Foes Linked by Anger and Regret

They squared off on opposite sides of the barricades in 1991, the Communists seeking to prop up a dying regime, the democratic activists fighting to tear it down. This weekend, they were allied in anger and disillusionment.

Emerging From the Rubble in Lebanon

Katya and Salim Hubeidi were about to get into bed Monday night, having weathered the Israeli barrage of their hometown in south Lebanon, when their third-floor apartment began shaking. They immediately fled outside.

Russians Wax Poetic on Fidel's 80th Birthday

Fidel Castro celebrated his 80th birthday on Sunday, and admirers from poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko to Vitaly Vorotnikov, a political hard-liner and former Soviet ambassador to Cuba, praised the Cuban leader.

Scots Stream to Summer Stramash Party

Rock group The Proclaimers headlines a day of folk dancing and whiskey drinking.

Russians Tell Why They Decided to Stay in Tyre

Russians living in Lebanon spoke of bodies in freezers, bombed-out buildings and a growing scarcity of food, but not all felt certain that it was time to leave.

European Court Sides With Chechen Mother

In a landmark decision, Europe's top human rights court ruled on Thursday that the Russian military was responsible for the disappearance of a young man in Chechnya six years ago and ordered the government to pay his mother more than $40,000 in damages.

Lawmakers Bristle Over Roadside Billboards

Under draft legislation, billboards would only be allowed in areas where they do not impede the visibility of road signs.

Moscow Blasts Israeli Offensive

The Foreign Ministry blasted Israel's offensive against Lebanon on Thursday, calling for an immediate cease-fire and charging that Israel's military response had ""exceeded the bounds of an anti-terrorist operation.""