Articles by Nina Shevchenko

Ask the Doctor

Q: Why do Russians wrap things around their neck when they have a sore throat, even in warm weather? Does this really help?

Ask the Doctor

What's the danger of tick-borne encephalitis around Moscow? And elsewhere in Russia? Who needs to be vaccinated?

Ask the Doctor

Russians tend to believe that illnesses can be caused by air currents, whether the source is an air conditioner, a draft or even a breeze on a warm day. Foreigners tend to disagree. Who is right?

Ask the Doctor

Is Moscow's tap water safe to drink straight from the tap or does it need to be boiled? Is filtration really necessary as well?

Ask the Doctor

Russians tend to believe that cold drinks cause sore throats, while foreigners disagree. Who is right?

The Book of Tasty and Healthy Food

  • 16 November 06
  • Staff Writers
It was the Soviet Union's first major cookbook for the masses -- and perhaps the world's only gastronomic volume to have ever quoted so extensively from Stalin and Communist Party general assemblies.

Ask the Doctor

What is ""davleniye"" and is it real?

Cosmic Hypochondria?

Do ""magnitniye buri"" or geomagnetic storms really affect our health? Why do they get so much attention in Russia but so little in other countries?

Meals on Wheels: The Annushka

Not only a charming spot for a cup of hot tea or a quirky venue for a dinner party, the Annushka restaurant tramcar is a moving slice of history that has played an interesting role in both literature and the life of the city.

Brewing Cafe Success on Military Discipline

From flipping burgers to running the company: It sounds like the classic American success story, but Vladislav Dudakov has experienced something like it here in Moscow.