Articles by Lauren Frayer

Blast Kills 75, Al-Qaida Zone Raided

  • 20 June 07
  • The Associated Press
A truck bomb struck a Shiite mosque Tuesday in central Baghdad, killing 75 people and wounding more than 200, even as about 10,000 U.S. soldiers northeast of the capital battled their way into an al-Qaida sanctuary.

Sadr Rallies Thousands Against U.S.

  • 10 April 07
  • The Associated Press
Tens of thousands draped themselves in Iraqi flags and marched through the streets of two Shiite holy cities Monday to mark the fourth anniversary of Baghdad's fall, with some demonstrators calling for U.S.-led forces to leave Iraq.

Roadside Bomb Kills 4 Soldiers in Baghdad

  • 19 March 07
  • The Associated Press
BAGHDAD -- The U.S. military on Sunday announced the deaths of six more soldiers in Iraq, including four killed by a roadside bomb while they were patrolling western Baghdad.

32 Shiite Pilgrims Killed in Baghdad

  • 12 March 07
  • The Associated Press
A suicide car bomber rammed a truck carrying Shiite pilgrims returning from a major religious commemoration Sunday, killing at least 32 people one day after Iraqi leaders warned that sectarian violence could eventually spread around the region.

U.S. General: Military Alone Won't Win Iraq

  • 09 March 07
  • The Associated Press
Chanting slogans of defiance against insurgents, Shiite pilgrims poured into a holy city south of Baghdad on Thursday amid relentless attacks that have killed more than 170 people this week and left the top U.S. commander in Iraq acknowledging the deadly power of suicide bombers.

Baghdad Car Bombing Kills 28

  • 06 March 07
  • The Associated Press
A suicide car bomber shattered a relative lull in Baghdad's violence Monday, killing at least 28 people in a blast that touched off raging fires and a blizzard of bloodstained paper from a popular book market.

Hussein's Voice Fills Trial After Death

  • 10 January 07
  • The Associated Press
Saddam Hussein had been dead nine days but his voice resounded through the courtroom as he and his cousin, ""Chemical Ali"" discussed killing thousands of Kurds in the 1980s, audiotapes played at their war crimes trial revealed.

Lebanon Sends Troops South

  • 18 August 06
  • The Associated Press
Lebanese troops, tanks and armored vehicles deployed south of the Litani River on Thursday, a key provision of the United Nations cease-fire plan that ended fighting between Israel and Hezbollah earlier this week.