Articles by Maria Antonova

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Watchdog Opens Cases Against Bread Makers

The nation's competition watchdog has opened cases against six bread producers, accusing them of price gouging, as grain prices rise because of this summer's drought taking a toll on Russia's harvest.

Health Chief Wants to Outlaw Alcohol Ads

The country's top sanitary doctor on Thursday called for a total ban on the advertisement of beer and other alcohol in Russia, calling the beverages "evil" and complaining about their use in television shows.

Volunteers Take Fires Into Own Hands

A grassroots campaign to get donations to fire-touched regions and trade information has been under way for the past two weeks. Hundreds of trucks and volunteers are distributing supplies and working to prevent wildfires from reaching more villages.

The Long March to Energy Efficiency

Special Report: Heating systems tested in July. Power plants aged to perfection. Russia is a top energy waster, leading President Dmitry Medvedev to try modernizing the country's infrastructure and promoting energy efficiency. But those won't come cheaply.

Medvedev, Zuma Oversee Dealmaking

President Dmitry Medvedev met with his South African counterpart, Jacob Zuma, in Moscow, where they oversaw deals in the metals and nuclear industries. Russia hopes eventually to control 45 percent of South Africa's low-enriched uranium market, Rosatom's chief said.

South Africa to Build Ties in Moscow

South Africa will push for expansion of both trade and direct investment as President Jacob Zuma visits Moscow on Thursday in the latest leg of a worldwide tour to expand ties with BRIC countries, Trade Minister Rob Davies said in an interview.

New Orders but No Lift for Superjet

Sukhoi Civil Aircraft has boosted its order book for the Superjet by about 50 percent, with 60 firm orders at Britain's Farnborough air show, but insiders said Monday that the deals were partly political and far from the number needed to kick-start Russia's aviation industry.

Sheremetyevo Terminal Loses Power as Moscow Sizzles

After computers shut down and baggage carousels ground to a halt at Sheremetyevo Airport's Terminal F on Friday, Moscow's power company said it wasn't to blame. But no matter what the cause, it was clear that sky-high temperatures have put a strain on the city's power grid.

2,000 Defiantly Stage Rally in Resort Town

About 2,000 residents of a small town near Sochi rallied against environmental pollution Sunday evening, in spite of colossal efforts to stop the gathering after a previous protest drew 4,000 and left the top local official without a job.

DST Gains Full Control of

South African media holding Naspers invested $388 million in Digital Sky Technologies on Wednesday in a stake swap that gave DST full control of the popular service.

Metropol Founder Invests Karate-Style

Mikhail Slipenchuk has combined his passion for karate and travel with an entrepreneurial streak to turn his Metropol firm into a leading investment company after starting off with a modest $300,000 in the early 1990s.

Investment in Special Zones Hits $4.7Bln

Russia's 16 special economic zones have attracted 207 residents and 144.9 billion rubles ($4.7 billion) investment in the more than four years since they were created, the company tasked with developing them said Friday.

More Cash for Clunker Program

Although the government has not yet officially approved the second stage of the program, the required sum is already earmarked and 200,000 certificates have already been printed for distribution, an Industry and Trade Ministry official said.

Paper Mill Upsets Baikalsk's Hopes for Strawberries and Skis

Baikalsk, a town of 15,000 located on the shore of the famed Lake Baikal, is haunted by two fears: unemployment that could cause social unrest and foul waste that would endanger the world's biggest freshwater lake.

Highway 'Blockade' Loosened as Businesses Complain

City Hall said it has agreed to reopen an extra two lanes on the busy highway to Sheremetyevo Airport, following a reprimand from Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and complaints from businesses of a "blockade" on Leningradskoye Shosse.

Hundreds Miss Sheremetyevo Flights Because of Road Work

A small bridge drew enormous attention Thursday when Prime Minister Vladimir Putin stepped in to resolve a traffic deadlock that has paralyzed the main highway northwest of Moscow.

Fiscal Hawks Find Friend in Medvedev

President Dmitry Medvedev broadly sided with the country's fiscal hawks Tuesday as he unveiled proposals for state spending in the next three years. That provides a boost to Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin's efforts to tame the federal budget deficit.

RenCap Opens Hong Kong Branch as IPO Launchpad

Renaissance Capital announced on Monday the opening of a new Hong Kong branch, where it aims to build a base for Russian and CIS countries attempting to raise capital in Asia.

Court Dismisses Beer Spiking Suit

The Moscow Arbitration Court has rejected a lawsuit from the Russian Beer Union that sought a retraction from a government official who claimed that brewers spiked their beer with hard alcohol.

Italian, Russian Firms to Build Helicopter Factory

Russian Helicopters and AgustaWestland on Tuesday began construction of a helicopter factory in the Moscow region. The $50 million project is aimed at producing helicopters generally used by nonmilitary agencies.

Risks Lurk in $16Bln Caucasus Ski Resorts

Natural beauty and Caucasus hospitality are just two selling points for the Kremlin's $16 billion initiative to build ski resorts in the North Caucasus. But continued violence, plus issues of land use, may discourage potential investors.

Gazprom Starts to Cut Gas to Belarus

Gazprom on Monday carried out its threat to cut supplies to Belarus, ostensibly in an effort to recover a $192 million debt. The move traced a falling-out between Moscow and Minsk in their customs union talks.

Federal Grid Company Seeks $30Bln Investment Plan

The Federal Grid Company is seeking approval to add $12.9 billion to its investment program, which would bring its total investment to nearly $30 billion over the next five years.

Study Links Holocaust to Low GDP

A new study suggests that the annihilation of Soviet Jews during the Nazi occupation has led to lower economic growth and more reactionary politics in those 11 regions where the Holocaust was most brutal.

Sovkomflot Plans $280M Development for Sochi's Port

State-owned shipping company Sovkomflot is getting into real estate, investing as much as $280 million into the construction of a marina, hotels and coastal infrastructure in the port of Sochi, the company said.

Dvorkovich Supports Biofuel Projects

The government should support small energy-generating projects that use biofuel by giving them tax breaks and subsidized interest rates, presidential economic adviser Arkady Dvorkovich has said.

IOC Checks Up on Sochi, While Hunger Strikers Continue

Both hunger strikers and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin turned out in Sochi on Monday to welcome an Olympic delegation making its latest tour ahead of the 2014 Winter Games.

Government May Switch To Excise Tax for Drivers

The government is considering replacing the transportation tax, an unpopular levy set by regional governments, with a larger excise tax on fuel such as gasoline starting next year, Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov said.

Embattled Tycoon to Invest $800M in Sochi

Telman Ismailov, the tycoon who fell from favor after building a $1.5 billion hotel in Turkey, will invest $800 million into two Sochi hotels, Russia's Olympic construction firm has said.

Global Fears Gut Stocks As Slump Looms

Russian stocks plunged nearly 6 percent on Tuesday, as investors sought to unload high-risk assets amid fears that the euro zone's escalating debt crisis could crimp the global economic recovery.