Articles by Olesya Dmitracova

Northern Natives Tenacious in Preserving Cultures

  • 27 July 07
  • Reuters
Listening to enigmatic Koryak-language songs and eating traditional salmon soup and cutlets in this village, it is easy to imagine indigenous cultures still thrive on the Kamchatka Peninsula.

Olympics May Hit Old Believers

  • 24 July 07
  • Reuters
Sochi can relish its victory in the race to host the 2014 Winter Olympics but some local residents fear for their homes ahead of large-scale construction work.

Mining for Gold Amid Volcanic Wilds

  • 17 July 07
  • Reuters
Gold miners on the Kamchatka Peninsula contend with volcanic eruptions, floods and poor infrastructure, but high metal prices mean the hard work pays off.

Salmon Poaching Feeds and Bleeds Kamchatka

  • 29 June 07
  • Reuters
For a rare visitor to the volcanic Kamchatka Peninsula in the Far East, no other custom reveals more about the local economy, lifestyle and environment than salmon poaching.

Returning to Earth Is the Hardest Part

  • 08 May 07
  • Reuters
Given the choice, most cosmonauts would likely never come back to Earth. It is the part of their jobs they like the least.

State TV Channel In Arabic Launched

  • 07 May 07
  • Reuters
A state-funded, Arabic-language satellite news channel went on air Friday, becoming the latest front in a Kremlin drive to restore its Soviet-era influence in the Middle East.

Kondopoga Witnesses Disappear

  • 13 February 07
  • Reuters
A Chechen Ingush leader said Monday that police had forced two Azeri witnesses to leave the northwestern town of Kondopoga to prevent them from testifying on a brawl that sparked deadly inter-ethnic riots.

Blogs Flourish as Free Media Wane

  • 19 December 06
  • Reuters
Free and open debate has become a rarity in Russia's media, which is mostly controlled by the state or business moguls.