Articles by Gabriela Baczynska

West Told Not to Antagonize Russia

  • 08 May 08
  • Reuters
The West should avoid antagonizing Moscow by rushing to let former Soviet republics such as Ukraine join NATO or by installing an anti-missile shield in Central Europe, Poland's last communist leader said Wednesday.

Polish Pipeline Plea Ignored

  • 11 February 08
  • Reuters
Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk said Friday that he had failed to talk Russia out of its plan to build a gas pipeline to Germany bypassing his nation.

Progress Cited on Holocaust Dispute

  • 17 April 07
  • Reuters
A dispute over the nationality of 1 million Jews who died in the Holocaust took a tentative step forward Monday after Russia indicated it might be willing to review the disputed figures.

Stalin's Gift Finds Its Role in Warsaw

  • 20 February 07
  • Reuters
A local joke runs that the luckiest man in Warsaw is the caretaker who lives on the top floor of its towering Palace of Culture -- because he is the only one who can look out of his window and not see it.