Articles by Alexandros Petersen

Russia May Score Final Coup in Energy Battle

The European Union is touting its deal with Turkey on Monday to realize the Nabucco natural gas pipeline project as a major coup in the quest for alternative energy routes that bypass Russia.

Armenia's Western Evolution

The atmosphere in this frigid city is not as dynamic as in Baku or as vibrant as in Tbilisi, but talk around Republic Square is filled with unguarded enthusiasm theses days.

Bypassing Europe Is a Mistake

This week's Group of Eight summit is one that is likely to be a triumph of process over substance. The reasons for this are many and multifaceted, but at their core lie two fundamental problems.

Getting the EU Back Into Eurasia

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier appears to be serious about carrying out his nation's plans to reorient European foreign policy toward Central Asia. This recalibration is a welcome shift from Germany, which under Chancellor Gerhard Schröder tended toward almost pusillanimous relations with Russia, to the detriment of other former Soviet states.