Articles by Julia Vail

When Work Makes You Sick

Sore eyes and a sore back are far from the worst health problems caused by working too much.

Kids' Railway on a Roll

Take a ride on Moscow's Children's Railroad, which is celebrating its 70th year in operation.

Fries with that Career Rise

How Lori Daytner climbed up the ranks to become the CEO and president of Rosinter Restaurants.

No Chill in Demand for British Visas

The number of applications are up, while rejections are growing as well.

Drivers Targeted Over Speeding, Cell Phones

Inveterate leadfoots and motorists who like to dial and drive might have to change their habits soon or risk heftier fines for reckless driving.

Expat Football League Hosts Charity Ball

Only a few hours before, the men of the Expat Football League of Moscow were moving the ball down the field and shouting words of encouragement to their teammates. At the Fourth Annual Summer Ball on Saturday, however, the only reminders of the game were the sunburned faces, the jovial atmosphere and the championship trophy reserved for one of the eight teams. The charity ball, held at a Holiday Inn near the Sokolniki metro station in northeast Moscow, has been going on since the league was founded in 2003 to bring expats together for camaraderie and networking. ""We currently have about 200 players on the league -- all expats from all over the world,"" said Darren Keane, the league's co-founder. As guests enjoyed champagne and drinks at the reception before dinner, their conversation created its own cocktail of languages: English and Russian, with a bit of French, Italian, and Chinese mixed in. Later at dinner, the players were treated to performances by a Latin band and Latin dance troupe Bomba.

Ultranationalist Held After a Debate

Authorities have arrested the leader of an ultranationalist group on suspicion of inciting hatred by shouting ""Sieg heil"" and ""Kill the liberals"" during a political debate, prosecutors said Wednesday.

Kidnapped Children Freed After 6 Weeks

Two children kidnapped in central St. Petersburg have been returned unharmed to their parents after more than a month in captivity.

Hot Tempers Over Cool Air

A summer heatwave means conflict between those for and against air conditioning.

Blow Your Own Horn

A guide to buying musical instruments in Moscow, from electric guitars to balalaikas, pianos and drums.

Worst Jams Seen on Third Ring

About 650 traffic jams occur daily in Moscow, and the mother of them all is the stretch on Sushchyovsky Val between the Savyolovskaya Overpass and Sheremetyevskaya Ulitsa, according to a new report.