Articles by Yelena Fabrichnaya

Central Bank Says Rate Cuts No Longer Needed

  • 28 June 10
  • Reuters
The economy no longer needs the stimulus of rate cuts, and rates may remain on hold for the next few months, Central Bank First Deputy Chairman Alexei Ulyukayev said.

Key Interest Rate Cut To Lowest Level Ever

  • 30 October 09
  • Reuters
The Central Bank reduced all key rates by 50 basis points effective from Oct. 30, taking the benchmark refinancing rate down to a historic low of 9.5 percent.

Central Bank Spends Big to Restrain Ruble

  • 08 October 09
  • Reuters
The Central Bank has administered a series of such moves over the past couple of weeks, widening the interventions corridor for each $700 million in purchases.

Central Bank Slows Ruble’s Record Rise

  • 01 October 09
  • Reuters
The ruble closed in regular trading at 36.29 versus the dual currency basket, taking its gains for September to 5.3 percent for its best month since the current composition of 55 cents and 45 euro cents was set in 2007.

Ulyukayev Sees Possible Rate Cut, Stable Ruble

  • 14 September 09
  • Reuters
Central banker Alexei Ulyukayev said Friday that the ruble should remain broadly stable for the rest of the year and that a rate cut of 1 percentage point is a possibility.

Small Cut Made to Refinancing Rate

  • 10 August 09
  • Reuters
The Central Bank on Friday announced its fifth interest rate cut in four months to help the economy out of recession, but the step was smaller than on previous occasions because of concerns over rising inflation.

Central Bank Lowers Rate, Defends Ruble

  • 13 July 09
  • Reuters
The Central Bank cut interest rates Friday for the fourth time in more than three months as part of a campaign to encourage commercial banks to kick-start the economy by offering affordable loans.

Central Bank Promises to Defend Sinking Ruble

  • 02 February 09
  • Reuters
The bank raises interest rates on some operations to fight inflation and stabilize the currency’s exchange rate.

Central Bank Sets Bottom For Ruble

  • 23 January 09
  • Reuters
The Central Bank sought to put a limit on the ruble's gradual slide on Thursday, setting its floor 10 percent below current levels after the currency stabilized in recent sessions.

Ruble Devalued 6 Times in 5 Weeks

  • 16 December 08
  • Reuters
Russia allowed the sixth mini-devaluation of the ruble in five weeks on Monday, gradually caving in to downward pressure on the currency from falling oil prices and a worsening economic outlook.

Central Bank Allows Ruble to Slide Again

  • 12 December 08
  • Reuters
The Russian Central Bank allowed the fifth 1 percent devaluation in the ruble against the dollar/euro basket in a month on Thursday as fresh data showed a $17.9 billion drop in gold and forex reserves last week.

Ruble Allowed to Edge Down Again

  • 08 December 08
  • Reuters
The Central Bank devalued the ruble for a fourth time within a month on Friday as the price for Urals blend crude fell below $38 per barrel, its lowest since February 2005.

Central Bank Offers Sources for Liquidity

  • 28 October 08
  • Reuters
The Central Bank said Monday that new funding sources could be open to banks starting next month, as available resources were squeezed by month-end tax payments and supporting the ruble, pushing money market borrowing costs to one-week highs.

Central Bank Allows Ruble to Edge Upward

  • 10 July 08
  • Reuters
The Central Bank allowed the ruble to strengthen Wednesday for the second time in a month, and dealers said they thought it was not the last time the regulator would use its heavy weaponry to combat inflation.

Net Capital Outflows Hit $10Bln in August

  • 31 August 07
  • Reuters
Net private capital outflows will hit $10 billion in August as foreign investors cut their exposure to risky assets, a senior government source said Thursday.

Ruble Appreciation Seen Unlikely in '07

  • 14 August 07
  • Reuters
The Central Bank is unlikely to allow the ruble to appreciate further in 2007 because it wants to shield domestic industries from the strong currency's negative impact, a senior central banker said Monday.