Articles by Alexandra Odynova

Alexandra Odynova is news editor and a reporter at The Moscow Times. Joining the newspaper in 2007 as a student, she started out writing TV news summaries. She has been serving as a news reporter since 2008 covering all sorts of crazy and boring things happening in Russia, ranging from high-profile murders and trials to elections and cheese production. Since September 2011, she has been combining writing with the responsibilities of news editor. You can contact her at

Top Investigator Accuses Krymsk Officials of Lying

The country's top investigator accused Krymsk town officials on Wednesday of falsely saying they had warned residents about the flood that killed at least 171 people earlier this month.

5 Suspects Held in Tatarstan Attacks

Five suspects have been detained in connection with attacks in Kazan last week on two of Tatarstan's most prominent Muslim leaders.

Canadian Shot Dead in Dagestan Anti-Terror Operation

A former boxer with Canadian citizenship is among seven suspected militants killed over the weekend in a special anti-terrorism operation in Dagestan.

OSCE Calls for Sanctions Against Suspects in Magnitsky Case

Lawmakers with the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe have called for sanctions against Russians implicated in the jail death of lawyer Sergei Magnitsky, even as one of the key suspects witnessed the vote in person.

NGO Bill Questioned

Questions are mounting about the definition of "political activities" in a bill that aims to tighten the screws on foreign-funded NGOs after it passed its first reading in the State Duma.

Ukrainians Riot Over Russian-Language Bill

Ukrainians clashed with police Wednesday, a day after a bill that would place Russian on par with Ukrainian as the official language of 13 of the nation's 27 regions was quickly pushed through parliament.

Russia's Work Force Is 7 Percent Migrants

Illegal and temporary migrants make up roughly 7 percent of Russia's 75 million-person work force, a larger share than in any member of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, which Russia wants to join.

TV, Film Industry Wants Social Networks to Be Liable for Content

The Film and Television Producers Association wants social networks to be responsible for the content that users upload, and the association is pressing for legislation to reflect that view.

SPIEF 2012: EU Loses Out to East at Economic Forum

Russia's relations with the EU usually earn the spotlight at the forum, but the dialogue skidded eastward Thursday as the Kremlin's vision of a Eurasian Union predominated.

Tourism Brings Revenue and Conflict to Russia's Park System

Even before the October Revolution, Russia’s first protected natural area was set up around Lake Baikal in 1916, laying the foundation for a national park system originally designed to keep visitors out.

150 Detained at Anti-Kremlin Rallies

About 150 people were detained Sunday as scores of people gathered for a series of anti-government demonstrations in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Newsmaker: Medinsky a Solid Party Man as Head of Culture

New Culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky, a historian distant from the cultural world, is perhaps best known for writing a series of pro-Kremlin books called "Myths about Russia" — a role that is prompting calls his title be changed to propaganda minister.

Dozens Detained as Protesters Relocate

Round-the-clock opposition protests drew hundreds of people to the streets over the weekend for another creative stroll, and the police forced the camp to relocate yet again.

Chased by Police, Protesters Try to Keep a Round-the-Clock Vigil

A long day of wandering Moscow's streets for a place to protest turned into an even longer night as hundreds of demonstrators led by anti-corruption blogger Alexei Navalny and leftist activist Sergei Udaltsov attempted to kick-start a nonstop protest.

Protesters Play Cat-and-Mouse With Police, Scores Detained

Protesters Play Cat-and-Mouse With Police, Scores Detained

A day after the first violent clashes between police and demonstrators since rallies began in December, central Moscow on Monday became the focal point of a game of cat-and-mouse as protesters gathered in flash mobs across boulevards and down side streets to show their force and anger.

Mysterious Photos Reveal an Unseen WWII

After the end of World War II, Paul Sadler returned home to Chicago with three German books and a photo album from the Dachau concentration camp.

Astrakhan Steals Protests' Thunder

This weekend marked the moment when the post-election opposition movement reached provincial Russia.

Shein Turns up Juice in Astrakhan

Hunger-striking former Astrakhan mayoral candidate Oleg Shein tempered his fast Thursday by drinking a glass of orange juice, but the post-election situation in the city remains at an impasse.

Election Officials Refuse to Overturn Astrakhan Vote

The Central Elections Commission and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said Wednesday that they see no reason to annul the results of a disputed mayoral election in Astrakhan.

Libya Asked to Free 2 Detained Russians

Moscow said Tuesday that it is seeking the release of two Russians on trial in Libya for allegedly aiding troops of former Libyan President Moammar Gadhafi.

Magnitsky Doctor No Longer Faces Charges

Criminal charges against a former prison doctor implicated in the death of lawyer Sergei Magnitsky  have been dropped because the statute of limitations ran out.

Bloggers Spot Patriarch's Pricey Watch

The Moscow Patriarchate apologized Thursday for a photo editor's "absurd mistake," an image of Patriarch Kirill badly photoshopped to disguise his expensive Breguet wristwatch.

UTair Flight Rolled Wildly Before Crash

Aviation officials said Tuesday that a preliminary inquiry into the UTair flight disaster that killed 31 people in Siberia showed that the plane's wings had begun rolling wildly before the crash but that the cause remained unclear.

31 Killed in Siberian Air Crash

A French-made plane operated by UTair crashed minutes after takeoff in Siberia on Monday morning, killing 31 people aboard but miraculously leaving 12 survivors.

Shoigu Set to Govern Moscow Region

Emergency Situations Minister Sergei Shoigu is all but certain to become the next governor of the Moscow region after United Russia named him among three nominees for the post.

Assailant in London Shoots Expat Banker

London police have confirmed that the man shot several times in the business area of the East End last week is former Russian banker German Gorbuntsov.

NTV Film Provokes Opposition Fury

Dozens of people were detained over the weekend in a series of Moscow protests fueled by a pro-Kremlin documentary on state-run NTV television that suggested protesters have been paid to take part in opposition rallies.

Man Dies In 'Savage' Police Beating

Promises of police reform suffered another setback Monday with the announcement of the death of a Kazan citizen allegedly assaulted by local police officers.

Prison Guard in Shooting Spree

Raising new questions about the fairness of the legal system, a prison official who opened fire on customers in a Kamchatka store, injuring three, has been accused of simple hooliganism after local investigators mitigated more serious charges Sunday.

Tambov Gang Boss Jailed for 15 Years

A Moscow court ruled Tuesday that notorious St. Petersburg gangster Vladimir Barsukov will spend the next 15 years behind bars.