Articles by Joschka Fischer

Ukraine's Tragedy Unfolding in Several Acts

Sanctions will not impress Putin, but peaceful and tangible European actions will.

An Answer to the Russian Challenge

For 19 years, the West has been putting off answering a critical strategic question: What role should post-Soviet Russia actually play globally and in the European order? Should it be treated as a difficult partner or a strategic adversary?

Europe Can't Bank on Past

November 15 2008 -- it will be a date to remember. For the first time, the Group of 20, the world's 20 leading economies, came together in Washington to find an answer to the global financial and economic crisis.

The New Nuclear Risks

Humans love to suppress abstract dangers. They react only after they get their fingers burned. In handling nuclear risks, however, we can hardly get away with such childlike behavior.

Pollution Is Not Cost-Free

The undesirable consequences of the expansion of world markets have assumed alarming proportions.