Articles by Maxim Glikin

Q&A: Yury Luzhkov Says He's a Completely Free Man

Immediately after Yury Luzhkov was dismissed from office, his friend and predecessor Gavriil Popov asked him to be dean of the International University in Moscow.

Bidders Line Up for Skolkovo City Plan

Well-known firms are competing for the right to design the innovation city in Skolkovo, including several that are working on the 2012 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Vladivostok.

'Technopolis' Gets Another $3.5Bln

The 4 billion rubles originally earmarked for the so-called innovation city in Skolkovo was just the beginning. Another 110.5 billion rubles ($3.5 billion) has been set aside for the project.

Vekselberg Discusses Future Skolkovo Infrastructure

Viktor Vekselberg, who President Dmitry Medvedev assigned to run the innovation city in Skolkovo, says the proposed "innograd" will have its own legal regime, police force and unique tax regime.

Sberbank Acquires Priority Share in Yandex

The so-called Уgolden shareФ will give the lender veto power on the sale of more than 25 percent of the companyТs stock, a right granted in return for Yandex being taken off the state's list of strategic enterprises.

Yandex Sells 'Golden Share' to Sberbank

Yandex held a tender for the share among several state companies, and Sberbank won because it is "state-run, public and doesn't have direct interest in the Internet and media."

Sometimes Putin's Point Is Found in the Analysis

During a meeting with journalists last week, President Vladimir Putin was asked whether Russia would support sanctions if Iran refused to halt its uranium enrichment program.