Articles by Joseph Nye

The Return of Japan After 20 Years of Stagnation

"Japan is back!" Prime Minister Shinzo Abe declared during a visit to Washington earlier this year. But while Japan may be on the right track after two decades of economic stagnation, there is still much to be done to secure the country's long-term future.

North Korea's Powerful Weakness Over China

North Korea shows that threat of collapse and weakness can be a source of power over others.

How World Leaders Become Foreign Policy Aces

Leaders with contextual intelligence are like surfers: They judge waves and ride them well.

BRICS Without Mortar

I was skeptical about the BRICS group three years ago, and despite the recent summit's apparent success, I still am.

How the Iraq War Changed the U.S. 10 Years On

Some call the U.S. global retreat after Iraq isolationist, but it is pragmatic and prudent.

The Cuban Missile Crisis at 50

Despite the U.S. superiority in weapons, the Cuban missile crisis showed that even a little nuclear deterrence goes a long way.

One Nation's Responsibility Is Another's Invasion

When should states intervene militarily to stop atrocities in other countries? The question is an old and well-traveled one. Indeed, it is now visiting Syria.

Reach Out to Putin's Russia

When U.S. President George W. Bush famously looked into President Vladimir Putin's eyes a few years ago, he should have seen a new Russian tsar.