Articles by Nataliya Vasilyeva

City Plans 120-Fold Increase in Bike Commuters

  • 11 October 12
  • The Associated Press
One popular joke in Moscow goes: "When the drunken driver was taken to the police station he was already sober. Why? Traffic jams."

From Soviet Drab to Normal Life in 20 Years

In September 1991, when the Soviet Union was living out its final months, I was a first-grader with one thing on my mind: a red badge with a portrait of Vladimir Lenin as a toddler.

Saransk, Unlikely World Cup City, Seeks to Cash In

  • 01 February 11
  • The Associated Press
Dry snow creaks under the feet of Klara Shishkina as she walks to the frozen Insar River, where a half-built bridge from the opposite bank ends in midair over her wooden gingerbread-style home. All of the houses in Tambovskaya Ulitsa are to be torn down to make way for the 2018 World Cup.

Plant for Chemical Weapons Disposal Is Opened

  • 29 November 10
  • The Associated Press
Russia will miss a 2012 deadline for destroying all of its chemical weapons, officials said as they inaugurated a major new plant to dispose of them.

An Orbiting Hotel to Greet Space Tourists

  • 01 October 10
  • The Associated Press
A Moscow company has announced an ambitious bid to fill the vacuum in the space tourism market by stationing an orbiting hotel in the cosmos.

Death Clouds Chichvarkin Extradition

  • 04 August 10
  • The Associated Press
The high-profile extradition case of former Yevroset owner Yevgeny Chichvarkin has taken a surprise pause amid an investigation into the mysterious death of the businessman’s mother, who was found covered in blood in her Moscow apartment.

Russia Offers No Clarity on U.S. Adoptions Freeze

  • 19 April 10
  • AP
Russian and U.S. officials gave birthday gifts Friday to the 8-year-old boy who was returned to Russia by his adoptive American mother, as Russia sent conflicting signals about whether all adoptions to the United States were now suspended.

Russia Furious After Adopted Boy Sent Back From U.S.

  • 12 April 10
  • AP
The Foreign Ministry threatened to suspend all child adoptions by U.S. families after a 7-year-old boy adopted by a Tennessee woman was sent alone on a one-way flight to Moscow with a note saying he was violent and had severe psychological problems.

New MBA Program Tackles Real-World Hassles

  • 19 October 09
  • The Associated Press
Although there are MBA programs running at a handful of universities in Russia, few of them attract globally renowned teachers, and most are taught in Russian; classes at Skolkovo are conducted in English, the business world’s lingua franca.

Red Tape May Force IKEA to Cut Expansion Plans

  • 23 June 09
  • The Associated Press
In just nine years, Swedish furniture retailer IKEA has opened 11 of its huge stores in Russia in hopes of capitalizing on the country's middle class. Now, the company says it may halt its expansion drive after running into trouble with unpredictable officialdom.

Crisis Plan Angers Soviet Depositors

  • 16 April 09
  • The Associated Press
Nadezhda Snychkova's one-room apartment on the fringes of Moscow, where she lives with her college student daughter and blind, 89-year-old mother, has just enough room to squeeze in a couch and a bed.

Putin Sexy but Not the Most Sexy

  • 08 September 08
  • The Associated Press
He single-handedly saved a TV crew from the jaws of a tiger. He flexed his muscles in front of the cameras in Siberia. He cuts a dash on the ski slopes.

Bewitched by The Balkans

A popular Internet community helps connect Russians who love south Slavic culture.

Ready for the Competition

Two new English-language schools provide more options for expatriate parents and their children.

At Home in Two Worlds

Bilingual children have unique opportunities but also face special challenges.

A Remedy for Hangovers?

A variety of people weigh in on the best ways to weather the storm that follows a night of heavy drinking.

Lost in Communication

As Russians struggle to get a grasp on vague rules of English small talk, English speakers spend years mastering Russian big talk.

Lost in Communication

As Russians struggle to get a grasp on vague rules of English small talk, English speakers spend years mastering Russian big talk.