Real Estate

No. 47, april, 2008

Third Rome Updated

  • April 01, 2008
“Guard well and heed, o pious tsar, that all Christian kingdoms have converged in thine alone, that two Romes have fallen, yet the third still stands and a fourth there is not to be.” Thus wrote Filofei, elder of the Yelizarov monastery in Pskov, to Vasily III, Grand Prince of Moscow and father of Ivan the Terrible, just over 50 years after the fall of Constantinople of 1453.

How to Secure Your Home

  • April 01, 2008
Apartment burglaries are still a big problem in Russia because of the potential rich pickings — many Russians still prefer to keep their savings in their own homes. In the aftermath of the economic crisis 1998 saw a sudden rise in the number of apartment burglaries as did 2004, when the media were rife with news of bankruptcy and banks shutting down. On both occasions Russians once again resorted to stashing savings in mattresses and pillows.

Investing in New York

  • April 01, 2008
“Have a great day Mrs. Levitov!” “You too, John.” John is our doorman, and that is how my mornings in New York start. For just $1.28 million I can have two bedrooms in a relatively new building with a swimming pool, health club, bike room and even a dedicated 6-bottle wine storage unit in the entertainment room. Courtesy of the doorman is included in the common charges.