Real Estate

No. 44, december, 2007

A Winter Getaway

  • December 01, 2007
The end of Moscow's brief but glorious golden autumn and the onset of winter is bound to dampen spirits.

Silencing the Noise Makers

  • December 01, 2007
Moscow residents, like all city dwellers, know too well how painful - and detrimental to their health - the denial of a good night's sleep can be. After suffering an overcrowded metro, congested roads and stressful working days, no one wants to be thrown out of bed by a din in the night.

Home of the Month: A Home in the Country in the City

  • December 01, 2007
What with every last spare square meter of land within the Moscow city limits now like gold dust because of an overheated property market, it's easy to imagine that if you want the luxury of a house with a front door at ground level and a back garden, you're going to have to look beyond the Moscow Ring Road (or MKAD).