Real Estate

No. 36, april, 2007

A Genuine Classic

  • April 01, 2007
This issue’s feature home is not only a landmark in an historic neighborhood and an important piece of architecture in its own right, but also speaks volumes about the Moscow of the time when it was built.

Customize Your House

  • April 01, 2007
Unless you have cash to burn, you won’t exactly be spoilt for choice when buying a new suburban house or dacha these days.

Aquatic Additions

  • April 01, 2007
Ponds and fountains are in steadily increasing demand among house owners in the suburbs. Almost half of all home owners add some sort of water feature to their back garden when they come to landscape it, and around a fifth of all cottages offered for rent in the high-end range (i.e. $4,000 to $90,000 per month) stand on a plot with some sort of landscaping.