Real Estate

No. 34, february, 2007

Buying Into Old Moscow

  • February 01, 2007
The actual volume of housing stock accounted for by historic residential buildings is very small, but their cultural and historic significance by far outweighs it. Living in an historic building is a tempting prospect and prestigious too, but is fraught with problems and beyond a lot of people’s means.

A Very Modern Tree House

  • February 01, 2007
Even for modern man, it’s a fairly natural instinct when out surrounded by nature to want to take branches and leaves and assemble them into some sort of shelter like a bivouac.

Hot Spots for Young Professionals

  • February 01, 2007
Demand for luxury apartments within the city limits and close to business centers is growing, fueled by a crop of well-heeled young people who find the smoke of nightclubs more attractive than the fresh air of a Rublyovka backyard.