Man Sentenced for Murder After Seer Predicts Prison

Here's one for the O. Henry files. 

A court in the Kemerovo region has sentenced a man to more than 20 years in prison for stabbing two people to death following a fortuneteller's prediction that he was destined for jail. 

Last fall, on Oct. 8, Gennady Osipovich met with a Gypsy woman to have his future told. He became enraged when the self-proclaimed clairvoyant informed him that he was bound for a "kazyonny dom," or "state-sponsored house," a Russian slang term for prison, regional prosecutors said in a statement Thursday. 

Osipovich proceeded to employ dubious logic, according to the prosecutors. In order to prevent this fortune from coming true, Osipovich tried to kill the woman. He pulled out a knife and stabbed her, though she managed to escape. 

Tragically, two witnesses were unable to flee in time. Osipovich stabbed each of them repeatedly, and the victims died of the knife wounds, investigators said. 

Prosecutors said Osipovich was sentenced to 22 years in a maximum security prison.

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