Woman Torches Flat After Ex-Boyfriend Dates Mom

An Ulyanovsk region woman, enraged that her mother was dating her former boyfriend, set fire to the apartment where the two lovers were staying, killing both, investigators said.

Oksana Baranova, 21, was seeking revenge when she torched the apartment where her mother and ex-boyfriend were sleeping, the regional investigative committee said in a statement.

According to investigators, Baranova wanted merely to give the star-crossed lovers a scare by burning down the apartment where they were sleeping in the village of Novaya Sloboda. But she failed to warn the victims in time, leaving the couple to suffocate in the smoke.

Life News identified the mother as Tatyana Baranova, 40, and the ex-boyfriend as 20-year-old Mikhail Kozlov.

Baranova has admitted to setting the blaze, investigators said, explaining perhaps the relatively light charges she faces. She has been charged with aggravated manslaughter, punishable by up to four years in prison.