Dog-For-Vodka Deal Ends in Death

Prosecutors in the central Chuvash Republic have wrapped up the investigation of a woman charged with beating her neighbor to death for selling off her boyfriend's dog in order to buy a half-liter of vodka.

The events unfolded on the evening of June 5 in the regional capital, Cheboksary, when the suspect, 22, discovered that the neighbor had sold the dog to buy the vodka, regional investigators said in a statement.

Enraged, she went out looking for the thief and ran into him two hours later as she was returning home. What ensued, prosecutors said, was a brutal assault in which the woman landed at least 40 punches and kicks to various parts of the man's body, including the head.

The neighbor, 53, died at the scene of his injuries shortly thereafter, regional Investigative Committee official Oleg Dmitriyev told

Dmitriyev said the damage from the suspect's kicks was magnified by the fact that she was wearing high heels at the time, the web site reported. Furthermore, the victim was reportedly absolutely drunk at the time, rendering him incapable of defending himself.

The suspect is set to go on trial at the Leninsky District Court in Cheboksary. She stands charged with aggravated deadly assault, punishable by up to 15 years in prison.