Groom Kills, Dismembers Friend at Wedding Party

A Kaluga region man has been sentenced to 10 years of hard labor for committing a murder at his own wedding celebration, hacking up the victim’s body and tossing the remains into a septic tank to hide evidence of the crime.

The ill-fated marriage was sealed at the local civic registry on Oct. 16 in the Kaluga region city of Obninsk, after which the newlyweds returned to their home to celebrate with family and friends, according to regional investigators (

As is common at such parties, the alcohol was flowing freely, and after all the guests had left, the groom continued drinking late into the night with his friend. The two men were drinking alone, prosecutors said, and it is unclear where the bride was at this time.

As is also common when two men sit around drinking, an argument ensued, prompting the groom to smash a bottle and jam the jagged end into his friend’s neck, prosecutors said.

The friend died of blood loss at the scene, after which the groom dismembered the body and dumped the remains in the outhouse septic tank, where they were eventually discovered by police.

The prosecutors’ statement did not clarify exactly how investigators happened upon the remains in the septic tank, noting only that they were found thanks to a “thorough search of the home and yard” of the groom.

Police had been alerted to the victim’s disappearance by his distraught mother in the weeks following the wedding. In a disturbing twist, prosecutors said the killer had previously done time for an “analogous crime,” though they gave no specifics.

The Borovsky District Court in Obninsk recently convicted the groom of aggravated murder and sentenced him to 10 years in prison.