Get From Tverskoy to Tverskaya

Sometimes in the afternoon, a big traffic jam forms at the intersection of Tverskoy Bulvar and Tverskaya Ulitsa. If you are driving on the boulevard and want to turn right onto Tverskaya Ulitsa, you can use a small trick that may save you several minutes.

Turn right from the boulevard right before the new building of the MKhAT Theater (a big brown building). Drive straight on to the intersection with Leontyevsky Pereulok.

Turn right again and drive a hundred meters to the first crossroads. Now turn to the left to Yeliseyevsky Pereulok and follow it through two intersections to Bryusov Pereulok.

You should turn left again here. If you've gone the right way, you'll see a small beautiful Russian Orthodox church and an arch. Drive through the arch to get to Tverskaya Ulitsa.

If you are going to drive downtown, you may just turn into any lane you like. But you can also cross Tverskaya very fast and get into the left lane. From this lane, you'll be able to turn around at the next traffic light and drive on in the direction of Belorussky Station. But remember, doing this is very dangerous since you'll have to cross three or four lanes of traffic very quickly.