Avoid Detours to Courtyards

I have many friends who are good drivers, and many of the routes I've written about were suggested by them. But often they've asked me why I've never described detours through courtyards.

I have written a few times about these detours, but in general I don't think these routes are good for foreign drivers. And I'll explain why.

Many old people spend a lot of time sitting in their courtyards, and they don't like cars driving through and disturbing them by causing noise and posing a danger to the children playing there. Sometimes, after they see a lot of cars driving through their "environment," these pensioners will become aggressive, and they may throw things at the car. The best reaction to this situation is to just drive away without any confrontation. A friend of mine was once driving -- very slowly, by the way -- through a courtyard and came up behind an old man walking with a stick. To alert him to the presence of the car, my friend tapped the horn. The old man turned around and bashed the windshield in with his stick.

Many courtyards in the city are very narrow, and it's very easy to get trapped there. It's happened to me many times. I'll drive through a passageway into a courtyard and come across another car parked in the middle. It would be very difficult to back out of the passage, but there won't be a way to turn around.

You might also find an iron bar blocking the entrance to a courtyard, which means the residents of the building don't like cars driving through their area.

In addition, the pavement in many courtyards is in much worse condition than the streets. You'll run across big potholes, bumps, puddles, open drain lids and many other hazards, all of which can be deadly to your car.

There are also many pets running around the courtyards. And when I'm driving, I don't like braking sharply to avoid cats crossing my path, and I don't like the dogs who are always chasing my car, trying to nip at my wheels.