Moscow Stars Lead West to All-Star Win

The end of Russian basketball's regular season was greeted with an exciting all-star game with all the markings of its high-scoring NBA counterpart, as the West beat the East 157-149 in overtime at CSKA sports center.

The West was clearly the hometown favorite Saturday with most of its players hailing from Moscow clubs CSKA, Dinamo and Spartak. At the start of overtime, with the score tied at 139-139, four of the starting five players were members of the Red Army team, including former NBAers Marcus Webb and Sergei Bazaravich.

Webb drilled two free throws in the opening minutes of overtime to give the West a 143-142 lead, which was promptly answered by the East's Derrick Haynes, another American all-star who plays in Samara.

Dinamo's Andrei Fetisov then hit four straight free throws to give the West a 147-145 edge and it never looked back.

A thundering Webb dunk followed by CSKA's Dimitry Shakulin's 3-pointer at the buzzer for the final 157-149 score put the fans on their feet and sent balloons sailing into the air.

The East's Andrei Maltsev and Evgeny Pashutin from Avtodorozhnik led all scorers with 27 and 26 points respectively. CSKA's Valery Daineko knocked in 15 points and Bazaravich added 12 in the West's balanced attack.

The Russian premier league playoffs begin Tuesday with CSKA battling St. Petersburg's Spartak in St. Petersburg.