Avoiding the Garden Ring

In the daytime there are often terrible traffic jams on the Garden Ring, especially if you are going from Krymsky Bridge toward the Foreign Ministry.

It's exactly the same situation in the two tunnels where the Garden Ring passes under Novy Arbat and Tverskaya Ulitsa.

The first thing to remember, if you are driving from Prospekt Vernadskogo through to Komsomolsky Prospekt, is to never turn left onto the Garden Ring.

Drive straight through the intersection near the Park Kultury metro station, and continue straight ahead on Ulitsa Ostozhenka until you get to the intersection with the Boulevard Ring.

In order to make a left turn, you have to first turn to the right, get in the left lane and make a U-turn at the turnaround in front of Christ the Savior Cathedral.

Now drive straight through the the square and follow the Boulevard Ring to Ploshchad Petrovskiye Vorota, which is the square immediately after Pushkin Square.

After you pass the cinema Rossia, stay in the left lane and turn onto Ulitsa Petrovka. Drive straight ahead to the intersection with the Garden Ring and turn to the right in the direction of Komsomolskaya Ploshchad.

If you need to go in the opposite direction, toward Triumfalnaya Ploshchad, turn right anyway, drive 100 meters but don't enter the flyover. Turn around under the bridge and then drive back in the direction you need.