Steering Clear of MKAD Mess

If you are driving out Shchyolkovskoye Shosse away from the downtown area, expecting to turn left onto the MKAD, or Moscow Ring Road, toward Yaroslavskoye Shosse you should know that this is definitely not a good idea.

There is a big construction site on the overpass at the end of Shchyolkovskoye Shosse which creates a terrible traffic jam.

The first several hundred meters on the Ring Road (if you turn to the left toward Yaroslavskoye Shosse) are also under reconstruction, causing a traffic jam which moves at a snail's pace.

To avoid this, I would suggest taking a different exit onto the Ring Road -- through the historical area of Golyanovo.

To do this, drive straight on through Shchyolkovskoye Shosse to the last big crossroads before the Ring Road -- you should be able to see the bridge reconstruction in front of you.

Now turn to the right at 16th Parkovaya Ulitsa and immediately turn around and head back to the intersection.

Cross Shchyolkovskoye Shosse and drive straight on Khabarovskaya Ulitsa, about 2 kilometers. There the road splits and you should bear to the right.

When you reach the big traffic circle with many city buses on it you should keep right and drive onto the new bridge over the Ring Road.

Then just take the exit on the right to the Ring Road going in the direction of Yaroslavskoye Shosse, about 8 kilometers away.