Rodman Finds Natural Fit Among Hulk, Luger, Giant

DAYTONA BEACH, Florida -- Chicago Bulls bad boy Dennis Rodman, who was suspended by the NBA for head-butting a referee and stomping a courtside photographer, has put those moves to use in his debut as a professional wrestler.

However, Rodman and his tag-team partner, Hulk Hogan, lost to Lex Luger and Giant, who stands 2.24 meters and weighs 204 kilograms, in the World Championship Wrestling match Sunday.

The 25-minute bout ended after Luger got Hogan in a "torture rack" submission hold above his head.

"I feel great," Rodman said after the fight.

Rodman, wearing glitter, rouge and stripes on his face and black nail polish, posed for pictures before the match.

"It ain't about being big or strong. It's about having it in the head," Rodman said. "I'm not one-dimensional."

The only rules were no biting, no eye-gouging and no throwing wrestlers past the first row of spectators. The match was aired on pay-per-view television.

"Rodman's going to be great," Hogan said before the match. "He has to make a real good show tonight because everyone is watching him."

Rodman has been training for the match since the Bulls won the NBA championship last month.

Hogan said he didn't expect Rodman to become a permanent face on the wrestling circuit, but he wouldn't be averse to fighting with him again.

"The bottom line is if he takes it to another level, I'll hold onto his pantyhose," Hogan said.