Bypass the Bridge, Don't Cross It

Ulitsa Sushchyovsky Val was never good for driving through. And last week it became a real nightmare due to street reconstruction. In the daytime it can take a long time to get through the traffic jam on this street, especially if you are going from Ulitsa Nizhnyaya Maslovka through the big overpass toward Prospekt Mira.

In this case I propose the following detour: Stay in the right lane at the end of Nizhnyaya Maslovka and don't drive onto the overpass. Jig to the right and, keeping the overpass on your left, go about a hundred meters and then turn right onto Novoslobodskaya Ulitsa.

Drive straight to the first traffic light, go through the intersection and get in the left lane. There is a small "island" with grass running down the middle of the street, which runs for several hundred meters. Right where the "island" ends, make a left turn onto Tikhvinsky Pereulok.

Follow Tikhvinsky Pereulok to the end and then turn left onto Tikhvinskaya Ulitsa. Then make the second right, onto Novosushchyovsky Pereulok. If you follow the tram tracks you will never lose your way.

Go to the second intersection and turn onto Ulitsa Obraztsova. After a hundred meters turn left onto Trifonovskaya Ulitsa -- making sure to follow the tram tracks.

On Trifonovskaya Ulitsa, drive straight to the fourth intersection and turn to the left onto Olimpiisky Prospekt. Several hundred meters more and you are back at Ulitsa Sushchyovsky Val. Just turn right and drive in the direction to Prospekt Mira: the traffic jam is behind you.

-- K