Repairs Make Crossing Bridge When You Come to It Tough

The road reconstruction around the Bolshoi Moskvoretsky Bridge makes some trouble for drivers who would like to get from the left side of the Moscow River (Kremlyovskaya Naberezhnaya) to the Zamoskvorechye area (Raushskaya Naberezhnaya).

Before repair work began it was very simple: Drivers could just turn left onto the access road and turn right onto the bridge. This route is now closed, but you can use the following detour:

Stay in the left lane and drive under the bridge, immediately turning left at the first traffic light. After about a hundred meters you will see a "No Entrance" traffic sign -- turn right, onto the Western entrance to the Rossia Hotel.

On your left you should see a small road, which is an one-way exit from the small square in front of the hotel. Follow it to the intersection with the main road.

If you want to avoid the possibility of a fine, you must turn left and drive back to the embankment.

When you reach the embankment, turn right under the bridge and again to the right onto the access road. Then just make another right onto the bridge and across to the Zamoskvorechye area.

Some motorists, apparently unafraid of traffic tickets, drive straight across all the lanes and onto the bridge if traffic is light. But beware: The penalty if you get caught is about 45,000 rubles.