Sunday Football Games Promise Juicy Reunions

NEW YORK -- John Elway on one side of the field, Dan Reeves on the other.

Dave Wannstedt manning a sideline at Texas Stadium, opposite where the Dallas Cowboys stand.

Bruce Coslet coaching Cincinnati against the New York Jets.

Some delicious stuff, huh?

Reunions are the order of the day Sunday in the NFL. Those are the three most attractive, with others possible -- backup quarterbacks Boomer Esiason and Randall Cunningham are an injury away from playing their former clubs, the Jets and Philadelphia Eagles, respectively.

"The feud got blown way out of proportion,'' Elway said as his unbeaten Denver Broncos visit his former coach, Reeves, and the winless Atlanta Falcons.

"Sure there were times of disagreement, but it wasn't a 10-year, Hatfields-and-McCoys type of thing," he said.

Wannstedt's Bears also haven't earned a victory this season, and facing the Cowboys is not the best way to get one. Chicago (0-4) is undermanned with many key injuries.

"I'm still very confident in my abilities,'' Wannstedt said. "People around the league know we are doing things right. I feel like our plan will be successful. But the injuries have been brutal, more brutal than last year.''

Dallas (2-1) comes off a bye and is itching to re-establish itself after two shaky outings.

"We don't want to be the first team to lose to the Bears this year,'' Emmitt Smith said.

"We know they'll be gung-ho and ready to go," he added.

So are the Jets, who come off an inspiring comeback victory against Oakland -- the kind of game they've been losing for years.

They travel to Cincinnati (1-2) and face their former coach (Coslet was in charge of the Jets from 1990-93), former starting quarterback (Esiason) and former third-stringer and now one of the better passers in the game (Jeff Blake).

All three downplay the significance of facing New York (2-2).

In other games, it's Arizona at Tampa Bay, Green Bay at Detroit, Tennessee at Pittsburgh, Jacksonville at Washington, New Orleans at the New York Giants, Baltimore at San Diego, St. Louis at Oakland, Seattle at Kansas City and Philadelphia at Minnesota.